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Jude Poku

Hey guys!

This shoot here was a particularly fun one. I had just bought a medium format camera and wanted to test it out. I asked one of my best friends to come out and model for me. Jude was just as excited as I to try out this new (and pretty heavy) camera as I was. I brought along the 35mm as well just in case I totally butchered the 120. So we set out to a nearby park and had fun with it. 

As I expected, many of the shots were ruined. There was a whole roll that I exposed without taking the dark slide out. Some shots as well were overexposed. But the ones that did come out were great shots. Jude was very patient with my while I was learning how this new camera. It's always good to work with friends when using a new system. 


Model // Jude Poku - 2016

Added bonus: Here are the first images I made off the medium format. (also the camera now warns me that the slide is still inside so I won't expose a roll of film without taking it out haha).