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Test Shoots

Hey guys!

This editorial is a combination of test shoots I did over the summer last year. I didn't want to spend my summer "resting" and not working on my craft. I sent out a mission for myself to keep shooting. A professor of mine once said that there is no resting in real life and that we should take whatever opportunity we have to shoot as much as possible. Because only through execution and practice do we become better at what we do. 

So along with photographing my friends, I reached out to model agencies to do model tests. Max, Michael, and Shaun are a part of this story and were great models to work with. The heat during that summer was unbearable but they all pushed through and gave their best. I find that to beat the heat, early morning shoots are better than afternoons. No assistant was along with these shoots, just my camera, the subject and I. Enjoy!


Maximillian Keys, 2016

Maximillian Keys, 2016

This shoot with Michael was fun because I was using film. Whenever I use film, I always fear that I didn't get the shot. But that is the fun part about it, truly. I love being surprised by the results! 

Michael Triplett, 2016

Michael Triplett, 2016

Shaun Bartholomew, 2016

Shaun Bartholomew, 2016