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Hey guys!

It has been 7 months since my last "blog post", and I've declared that I was going to be updating it often. Now, I don't consider myself a blogger and am not good at keeping all my social media accounts up to date. But I finally figured out what I want to do with this section of my website.

Along with updating with general posts and reviews, I will be adding the stories that I shoot/archive in this section. Not all the editorials I create will live on the front end of the site. So with this section, I will post said editorials with a description on the shoot and the production of it. I will start with older stories just to get them up and will continue with new content. The archive will also live on Tumblr! Check out and follow Amanda Louis Photography for all images in the stories!

Make sure to check back the site for new content and stories as well as opinion and critique pieces. Follow me on Instagram at @a_louisphoto for behind the scenes images as well!