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Story Time

Hey guys!

Story Time is a concept shoot I tried with a friend from school. I wanted to create a set specific studio and work with props. There was minimal planning for this shoot because I didn't want to go crazy and thought logistically about the props I had on hand. The white boxes are created out of large cardboard boxes covered using white seamless paper and taped together. The stuffed animals are from yours truly :) (yes, I still have all my stuff animals from childhood and the collect is still growing). Except the large baby blue bear came from the store (which was later returned haha). The books were old books I found at home and brought over. 

The idea for this concept actually came from the lollipop that a part of the still life. I don't remember where I got the lollipop from, but I remember looking at it and thinking about childhood and the innocence of children and what that means to someone who is older/not a child anymore. At the end of the shoot, for that still life, I ended up breaking the lollipop and shooting the pieces. 



Story Time, 2016

Model // Desiree Kong