Here is an editorial called "Disappear". It is featuring a friend of mine, Kim Watson.

When looking for locations for this shoot, we stumbled upon this beautifully decorated hotel. It was like being in another world in the heart of the city. We had no trouble when shooting there and was even offered drinks and treats! With this session I experimented with graphic layouts and text. Follow here for final edits.


Model // Kim Watson @lovekwatson

Stylist // Christine Louis @thelouisreign


This editorial features Sharena and Camille wearing Bohn JSell Collections. 

It was a crazy day. Not only were the trains delayed, one of the models cancelled last minute. Luckily, Sharena was able to call her friend, Camille, and have her to come down for the shoot. We had to book an extra hour, but we got the shots! 


Models // Sharena Chindavong @sharenaaa & Camille John @camillejohn_

Stylist // Christine Louis @thelouisreign

Makeup // Kira Svitzer @svitzerland

Designer // Bohn JSell @bohnjsellcollections

Chasity Sereal SS18

I'm very proud and honor to have collaborated with Chasity Sereal for her debut Spring Summer collection during NYFW. It was fun to shoot these dresses around the city. Each dress was hand made by the Houston, TX based designer. 


Model // Skyrah @skyrahbliss

Designer // Chasity Sereal @chasitysereal

Stylist // Christine Louis @thelouisreign

Jewelry // Jessie Dugan @jessie.dugan